Coconut Blends

Our unique blend of coconut, vanilla, and lime is sure to awaken all of your senses. 

Our Product Lines

Orchid Soap

With jasmine and just a touch of orchid, this soap is sure to make you feel at peace on even the worst day.

We only use certifiably raw and organic materials to create chemical free products. Products are gluten free, vegan and not tested on animals.

Natural Body Creams
 Body Buffing Cleanser 

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Natural Handmade Body Creams

  • Body Cream Collection
  • Body Buffing Cleanser
  • 100% Castile Soap
  • Premium Body Oils  
  • Cooling Foot Spray
  • Rosewater Water Spray
  • Lavender Water Spray 


‚ÄčOhm Skin and Body Care

The Most Popular Products:

 Ginger Blends

Kokum butter, ginger, and mango are combined to soothe even the driest skin.